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Managed wifi
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Discover How WiFi 7-Ready Solutions Can Transform Your Network!

Fully Managed WiFi

SME Managed Wi-Fi Services

Cutting-Edge RF Analysis & Heatmapping:

  • Utilizing the latest technology, we conduct thorough site surveys for optimal access point placement and coverage.

Tailored WLAN Configuration & Deployment:

  • We customize your WLAN setup to fit your specific network architecture, integrating advanced features for maximum efficiency.

Highest Security Standards:

  • Our WPA3 and RADIUS implementations ensure your network’s integrity and safety from cyber threats.

Proactive Network Monitoring:

  • With our NOC 24×7 monitoring and AI-driven analytics, we maintain high network uptime and rapidly address any issues.

Efficient Bandwidth Management:

  • We dynamically allocate bandwidth, ensuring consistent network performance under varying loads.

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Fully Managed WiFi

SME Managed Wi-Fi Services

Managed Guest WiFi Access:

  • Our guest Wi-Fi solutions are secure, scalable, and provide controlled access with ease.

Seamless Integration & Migration Services:

  • We specialize in integrating new wireless solutions with minimal downtime, ensuring smooth transitions.

Onsite Technical Support:

  • Our expert team is always ready to provide hands-on assistance for optimal network performance.

Advanced PoE Capabilities with Cat6 and above upgrades:

  • By upgrading to Cat6, Cat7, or Cat8 cabling, we enhance your network’s PoE, Poe+, PoE++ options, supporting a wider range of devices with increased power efficiency and reliability.

Wi-Fi 7 Readiness:

  • Stay ahead with our WIFI 7-ready solutions, ensuring your network is equipped for the next wave of wireless technology.

Managed Wi-Fi Questions

FAQs on Manged Wi-Fi Solutions

  • Upgrading to Cat6 cabling in your WiFi network enhances Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities. This means your network can support a wider range of devices, including advanced wireless access points and IoT devices, with more efficient power distribution. Additionally, Cat6 offers higher bandwidth and improved network performance, making it ideal for modern, high-speed networks.
  • Our WiFi 7-ready solutions are designed to future-proof your network. We implement the latest technologies and standards that are compatible with WiFi 7, ensuring that when you decide to upgrade, your network infrastructure, including hardware and software, will seamlessly support this next-generation wireless technology, offering faster speeds, higher capacity, and better performance.
  • Our 24/7 network monitoring service utilizes AI-driven analytics for predictive fault detection, ensuring maximal uptime and efficiency. This proactive approach allows us to identify and resolve issues before they impact your network's performance. Continuous monitoring also means we can optimize the network's performance based on real-time data, keeping your connectivity smooth and reliable around the clock.
  • Yes, our managed WiFi solutions are highly adaptable to various environments, from small offices to large campuses. We tailor our site surveys, heatmapping, installation, and configuration to match the specific requirements of your space. This customization ensures optimal wireless coverage, security, and performance, regardless of the size or complexity of your environment.

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