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Unlock the Potential of Intelligent Sound Masking

Next-Level Privacy: Smart Sound Scape Solutions for Modern Work Environments

Acoustic Noise Reduction

Reduce unwanted noise pollution and increase performance by 33%

Create Calm, Boost Performance and Focus.

Does Unwanted Noise Affect Your Team's Focus? How Can Sound Masking Create a Sonic Haven?

Transform your workspace by implementing our state-of-the-art Sound Masking Systems. A workplace where your team can concentrate, collaborate, and perform at their best.

Our sound solutions are meticulously crafted to tailor the acoustics to your unique needs, providing a work atmosphere that fosters productivity and success. 

Adaptive Acoustics:

Our Sound Masking System intelligently adapts to the dynamic acoustic profile of your space. Using advanced algorithms, it continuously monitors and adjusts the sound levels to provide optimal masking, ensuring that the system seamlessly integrates with your environment.

Customizable Zones:

Tailor the sound masking experience to specific areas within your workspace. Our system allows you to create customizable zones, addressing varying privacy needs in different parts of the office. Whether it's open work areas, meeting rooms, or private offices, you have precise control over where and how the masking operates.

Enhanced Speech Privacy:

Say goodbye to unintentional eavesdropping. The Sound Masking System significantly improves speech privacy by rendering conversations less intelligible to those outside the immediate vicinity. Protect sensitive discussions and confidential information, fostering a secure and private atmosphere conducive to focused work.

Seamless Integration:

Experience a hassle-free integration of our Sound Masking System into your existing infrastructure. Compatible with various office layouts and designs, the system seamlessly blends with your architecture. Minimal disruption during installation ensures a quick and efficient setup, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of enhanced acoustics and increased productivity without the complexities.

Ready to transform your workplace?

Reach out today for a free consultation and discover how our Sound Masking Systems can elevate privacy and focus. Learn just how easy it is to get started on a more productive environment.


Workplace Sound Privacy

Safeguard your private conversations.

Transform you workspace and foster a sense of privacy.

Is Confidentiality at Risk in Your Open Office Setup? Can Sound Masking Be Your Answer?

As conversations become integral to daily business operations, ensuring the confidentiality of discussions is paramount. Cutting-edge system creates a sonic barrier, rendering conversations less intelligible outside designated areas.

This heightened privacy not only safeguards sensitive information but also fosters a culture of trust and focus among your team.

The adaptive technology intelligently adjusts to the dynamics of your workspace, delivering a tailored acoustic solution. 

Experience the benefits of reduced distractions, increased confidentiality, and improved concentration, ultimately contributing to a more productive and efficient work environment. 

Intelligent Sound Masking

A heightened level of speech privacy and concentration as our intelligent sound masking adapts to your workspace, creating a confidential and focused environment.

Customizable Privacy Settings

Tailor the sound masking intensity to specific areas, ensuring that confidential conversations remain private, fostering a culture of trust and discretion.

Enhanced Office Confidentiality

Experience a new level of workplace confidentiality as our sound masking system renders conversations less intelligible outside designated zones, safeguarding sensitive information and promoting a secure environment.

Data-Driven Insights

Gain valuable insights into acoustic patterns and office usage, empowering informed decision-making for further enhancing the work environment and employee well-being.

"Research by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) revealed that 90% of employees considered speech privacy and a quiet working environment as important factors for their productivity and satisfaction."

Speech Privacy Protection

Here are the top 5 questions about sound masking systems.

  • Unlike canceling or eliminating sound entirely, sound masking reduces the distance at which conversations can be heard and understood by others. This reduction is referred to as the radius of distraction.

• The quiet nature of activities within these rooms leads to low Noise Ratings, and efforts to reinforce insulation properties often prove ineffective due to inherent weak points in base build construction.

  • The system adjusts and controls the Noise Rating (NR) of the rooms, preventing cross talk that could lead to a breakdown of confidentiality between these spaces.
  • SPP is expressed as a percentage, calculated by adding the Weighted Apparent Sound Index (R’w dB) and the Noise Rating (NR) of mechanical service noise levels. By measuring the NR of a space, specifications for partition and/or ceiling construction can be set to achieve the correct Speech Privacy Protection levels for individual rooms, ranging from total privacy (>85) to no privacy (<60).

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