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Merchtel provides construction support for ISPs, WISPs, Network Operators, Building Owners, HOA's, Construction Companies and Technology Integrators.


High-Rise • Mid-Rise • Garden-Style • MDUs • Dorms • Hotels • Campuses • Communities • Facilites


Green field • Brown Field • Augmentation • Expansion

Infrastructure Builds

MDF • IDF • Riser Room • Telco Closets • Server Rooms
why we do
Impact: These buildings can lay the foundation for a connected and intelligent future, bringing convenience, comfort, and sustainability to the forefront of urban living.

Coordination with Merchtel, can lead to several benefits:

• Provide cohesion and consistency in construction efforts.
• Orchestrate efficient communications with other trades and contractors.
• Ensuring that the infrastructure meets rigorous standards.
• Quality and reliability of the telecommunications network.

Merchtel provides a solution that streamlines process and ensures quality:

• A single point of contact for comprehensive infrastructure design and construction.
• A team of qualified telecommunications experts.
• Real-time updates and communication to adapt to changing designs and requirements.

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When it comes to network infrastructure, whether in greenfield (newly built) or brownfield (existing and potentially modified or upgraded) environments, various questions commonly arise. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to both greenfield and brownfield network infrastructure:

Merchtel can help you addressing the challenges and strategies for incorporating new technologies without disrupting the existing operations. Outline the steps involved, including network assessment, compatibility checks, and phased implementation. Addressing issues like compatibility with legacy systems, downtime concerns, and budget constraints. Discussing planning, testing, and implementation strategies to minimize disruptions to ongoing operations.

Emerging technologies such as IoT integration, high-speed data transmission, and intelligent building systems, require structured cabling and its importance in providing a standardized and organized network infrastructure.


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