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Field services

Elevate the efficiency and reliability of your infrastructure-related tasks

Whether you are faced with the need for installation, upgrades, management, relocation, or maintenance

Deployment Services

Across the nation or across the street.

Merchtel is your comprehensive solution for all field services. Dedicated IT technicians, available with or without backup support. Our technicians possess versatile skill sets.  Merchtel technicians hold certifications in diverse specialties , we are well-equipped to address your service requirements.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Resource Coordination
Technology Integration
Field deployments

The one to get it done

The inherent value in our offerings lies in the assurance of unparalleled convenience tailored to meet your specific requirements.

On-site Technical Smart Hands Support

Ensure uninterrupted global operations with the confidence that our nationwide technical support is readily available, providing swift resolution and support wherever and whenever you need it.

24/7/365 Break/Fix Support

Minimize downtime and enhance system reliability with continuous, around-the-clock support, offering the assurance that your critical issues will be swiftly addressed, safeguarding uninterrupted business operations.

LAN and WAN Deployment, Including Migrations and High-Volume Equipment Rollouts

Seamlessly expand your network and implement equipment upgrades with expert deployment services, mitigating disruptions and ensuring a smooth transition aligned with your operational demands.

Structured Low Voltage Cable Systems and DMARC Extensions

Elevate connectivity and communication reliability through advanced low voltage cable systems, establishing a robust infrastructure foundation that directly contributes to the resilience of your business operations.

VoIP Implementation

Enhance communication efficiency and cost-effectiveness with our VoIP implementation, addressing your unique communication needs and fostering seamless collaboration within your organization.

Because tech should serve - you.

We’ve been helping Startups, SMBs and Enterprises accomplish their cloud-first  initiatives. Let’s talk about yours.


Fiber Optics Deployment

Future-proof your infrastructure with high-speed data transmission and reliability through our fiber optics deployment, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of technological advancements.

Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Services (Design, Installation & Heatmapping)

Wireless connectivity across your premises with our comprehensive Wi-Fi services, featuring expert design, precise installation, and effective heatmapping for optimal coverage and superior user experience.

Site Surveys and Inventory Services (Network and Telephony)

Make informed decisions about your network and telephony infrastructure with our meticulous site surveys and inventory services, empowering your organization with valuable insights for enhanced operational efficiency.

Broadband Deployment, Including Onsite Activations and Cutovers

Streamline your broadband deployment process with our expert assistance, ensuring smooth onsite activations and cutovers crucial for maintaining seamless connectivity vital to your business success.

Retail Environment Installation Support, Including POS, Video Surveillance, Digital Signage, and Traffic Counter Sensors

Enhance the overall customer experience and optimize your retail space confidently with our installation support covering every aspect from POS systems to video surveillance, digital signage, and traffic counter sensors.


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At Merchtel we have a systematically approach to ensure each customer receives outstanding products and services.


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We ensure that your plan is feasible and documented.

Provide a prompt proposal

Always timely quotes.

Installation and Delivery

Merchtel professional team of technicians and engineers will complete your project as promised.
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